Home Equipment

Our shop craftsmen are regularly engaged in a variety of custom and production fabrications.

The Project Estimating function has been computerized and Centralís project managers are provided with timely information on the progress of each job through the company's Construction Management Information System.

Centralís project management, accounting, technical and support staff hold full credentials in their areas of expertise and are fully capable of undertaking jobs of any size and degree of difficulty.


∑ Design heating and air conditioning systems, Industrial exhaust systems for Smoke-Acid (PVC & Stainless) - Sand & Dust paint 
∑ Energy Management Systems 
∑ Heat Recovery 
∑ Material Handling 


∑ Gas Fired Unit Heaters 
∑ Gas Fired Infrared Heaters (Overhead Radiant Tube Type) 
∑ Roof Top Gas Fired Heater/AC Units 

∑ Make Up Air Units 
∑ Air Bag Ventilation Systems 
∑ Dust Collectors 
∑ Wood Dust Exhaust Systems 
∑ Air to Air Heat Exchanger Systems 
∑ Air Filtration Systems 
∑ Process Exhaust Ventilation 
∑ Process Material Handling Systems 
∑ Maintenance and Upgrading Dust Systems 

Fabrication Equipment
∑ power shears 
∑ hydraulic press brakes 
∑ electronic plasma cutting tables. 
∑ various rolling machines 
∑ welding machinery 
∑ TDC Roll Former 

Commonwealth Pool?

This is a picture of the Commonwealth Pool in Victoria, B.C. completed in 1994 showing the ventilation pipes 70 ft. above the pool.