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Description and Pictures of the Equipment We Use.

Central Sheet Metal has over the years kept up with the latest technology in equipment, materials, design and craftsmanship. This has allowed us to provide our clients with quality products that are accurate, state of the art and technologically superior.

This is our plasma cutter, a computerized cutting machine that can cut any shape we program into the computer. With a 5x10 foot capacity table, large projects are no problem. E-mail us your company logo and we will cut it out in steel for powder coating or painting.

A Beading Reinforcing Machine. This machine puts ridges in sheet stock to create structural integrity and dampen sound. A very handy piece of equipment.

A Cold Sealant Injection Machine.

Transverse Duct Machine ( TDC ) to form rigid industrial ventilation systems.

A cleat former. This is another example of Central Sheet Metal's commitment to technologically superior equipment.

Being able to notch sheet stock accurately and fast has allowed us to increase production and cut manufacturing costs.

A Triplex Multi-Station Ventilation Ductwork Manufacturing Machine.