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At Central Sheet Metal, quality workmanship is what we demand for your product, its components, parts and/or assemblies.

Our engineering staff can assist you in design, assuring optimum performance, durability, and attractiveness of the final product.

Our programming staff will then develop an individualized computer program to coordinate the best use of materials, machinery and personnel. This saves you time and money in completing your job. Our capabilities cover the full spectrum of sheet metal fabrication: laser cutting, shearing, punching, contour cutting, forming, rolling, welding, trimming and finishing to your most exacting specifications.

Contract Manufacturing

At Central Sheet Metal, we manufacture everything from aircraft and automotive parts to sporting equipment to assembly brackets.

Utilizing CNC laser cutting, plasma, turret and brake presses, our craftsmen are capable of producing precision parts for one-of-a-kind prototypes or thousands of units in a production run.

For the past 17 years, Central Sheet Metal has proven its ability to provide customers with quality workmanship delivered on time at an affordable price.

Whether you’re seeking help in engineering design, prototyping and/or CAD services, or you’re looking to diversify your supplier base for contract manufacturing, we can help.


Laser Cutting

Our CNC laser is an Amada 644 II. We are the only shop on Vancouver Island with the capability of serving your R&D prototyping or production needs where parts require the utmost in care & precision cutting combined with a high quality finished edge.


Our CNC Turret press is a Finn Power TP2520, used for the fabrication of steel, aluminum and stainless steel parts. Compared to other types of equipment in the shop, the punch presses are the fastest and most efficient means of fabrication for large or small parts. This high powered, efficient machine has three 3.5” auto index stations and two 2” auto index stations.


We have two twin Amada CNC RG80 press brakes which come with state of the  art NC9-EX2 controllers to ensure accuracy and keep setup and handling time to a minimum. A part with multiple dimension bends can be done in one setup and held within +/- .005”.

Let us prove to you how our “value added” approach can effectively serve you. We would be happy to discuss your project with you and offer you a quote and projected delivery date.

Plasma Cutting/Shear

Included in our cutting equipment is a 60”x120” CNC plasma cutting table and a 10’ - 10 gauge shear.

Precision Welding

Our certified welders are skilled to perform MIG, TIG or resistance welding as well as 3 phase aluminum welding.


We require .dxf flat files for processing by our CNC machinery. Should you require drawings, we carry the software to help with all your design needs - Solid works, Auto CAD and Merry Mechanization.

Free Quote

Feel free to bring us your projects, large or small, and our expert staff will be happy to assist you.

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